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The Sir Bernard Miller Centre provides everything you need to take your conference to the next level. Our flexible meeting rooms provide the perfect spaces to meet with colleagues, wine and dine clients or bring your team together in an open and green environment.​

Rates start from as little as £35 per person.

Start planning your meeting by emailing our Events team;

We offer a comprehensive list of features across our spaces. With the help of your dedicated conference coordinator, you can be confident that we will cater to every detail of your booking, ensuring a seamless and personalised service from start to finish.

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Flexible Spaces

Extensive Free Parking

LED TV Screens


Conference Calling

Audio and AV




Traditional Stationery


Access to private picturesque grounds

Catering Facilities

Air Conditioning

Hot Desks

Luggage and Cloakroom Facilities

Green Spaces

Adjustable Mood Lighting

Printing Facilities


Food & Drink Packages 

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The room layout can have a huge impact on the engagement levels at your event. Whether you are looking for traditional round-the-table brainstorming sessions to free-flowing spaces ideal for team-building exercises, enabling the right space for maximum interaction is essential.


See our handy guide below so you can ensure you choose the right functional space for maximum impact.

Also known as "auditorium", Theatre is often thought of when designing a classical conference with many attendees or use of multiple or large screens

Odney_Theatre Seating.jpg

Using round tables or square setups, the Cabaret layout suits events that require group participation, networking or a dining experience 

Odney_Cab Seating.jpg

Classic round-the-table layout enabling interaction from all directions

Odney_Board Seating.jpg

Similar to Boardroom, this layout is ideal for presentations and demonstrations

Odney_U Seating.jpg

Using traditional rows this layout  complements learning environments or exam sessions

Odney_class Seating.jpg

Some events require something less prescriptive. Whatever you require our Event Organisers will work with you to design a layout for your every need

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Our small meeting spaces cater for up to 12 people in a boardroom layout

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Our medium meeting spaces cater for up to 28 people in boardroom/u-shape layouts

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Our large meeting spaces cater for up to 56 people in boardroom/u-shape/cabaret layouts

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Our supersize meeting spaces cater for up to 150 people in any layout to suit all your conference needs

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